Asset Update #3

Hello, readers of this developer blog!

This week I was busy creating levels in UDK. I made our first stream which you can watch here. Despite being busy making environments i also found some time to make assets.

Modular Wall Element

You can't have too much modular wall elements, you know. So I created this element with clean design.


I made 4 terminals with reusable parts, so if needed we can make more of them in the future.



Rough sketch on paper

Rough sketch on paper

Here is screenshot from Blener showing different reusable parts on top of assembled ones.

And in-engine footage:



Highpoly model

For this asset I modelled highpoly version first. Than I made lowpoly version, unwrapped it and baked in XNormal. After I had normals from highpoly I combined them with normals made in nDo2 and generate AO, Cavity, Diffuse and Specular Maps. Then I modified them manually with brushes. Final result is showed below:

In-engine footage

Asset in Blender

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