Environment Update #1

In this first update you'll see some old environments. When I started working on environments for Circulation I used very blocky shapes and rooms looked kinda boring. As I made those rooms I started to add a little bit variations in rooms orientations, forms and scale. 

When Circulation project translated from pre-production stage we had global layout in Adobe Illustrator and in BSP brushes in engine.  So when I started making indoor environments I had basic room shapes to start from. Of course, sometimes I break BSP collision layout for reasonably looking environments, but in most cases I go from BSP layout.

Theme of the first level of Circulation is loading sector with cargo, elevators, crates and loaders, etc. Usually it is not very bright there, because some areas are inactive. One of the first rooms I built was big room with cargo ship containers. It was under rapid iterations until we thoght it look right.

Next goes more technical rooms. 

Here is another thing: after a large amount of time we began using foreground layer. It is more visually right when you see objects in foreground. They bring depth to the scene and other object stand out more. 

Next room was very dumb shaped - just boring perpendicular shapes. But when I returned to it a while ago I added some non-90 degree angles and it look better now I think. Also this this is highest place on a map, so environments here are less industrial. 

Next room is final room of Level 01. It is very rough right now with large number of placeholder assets, so t would look different in the end. This is garden and recycling air mechanism.

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