Music Update #1

Hello! My name is Gubin Andrew. I am environment artist at Warp Games and i also write some music for Circulation. Music is my second hobby after making games. This activity began in a middle-school as i played in couple of bands. First band was indie-rock band then i moved on to playing post-rock since i was pretty impressed by the genre. After that i played some more bands in various genres including screamo, post-hardcore, deathcore.

After that i've got little unsatisfied with the organization problems and overall quality of music content that was provided by most of these bands so i decided writing music myself with no dependency whatsoever.

I am Mac user so choice of sequencer was quite obvious. I started writing my post-rock with Garage Band. Quality was poor and i quickly switched to fabulous Logic Pro.

My guitar collection

I was surprised by so many features given by Logic so i started to dive in mixing and mastering techniques. I wrote some tracks before i've got unsatisfied with just guitar sounds even with some heavy effects and pedals. I started to mixing guitars with pads. More and more i liked the variation of sound provided by pads.

I started my electronic/downtempo project, Warp.

You can listen it on bandcamp.

First tracks were quite rough without many compression going on and without even sidechain. I was focused primarily on atmosphere rather than complexity of tunes. Also at that time i started to do first attempts to write soundtracks. 

Though this post was kind of introductory and mostly about my previous works, stay tuned for next post with my thoughts and reflections about sound i want to achieve in this game, hopefully some new demo tracks and more. Hello and welcome!