Music Update #2

Hello and welcome to my new post in Music Update! Today i will explain my workflow on creating soundtracks.

So game soundtracks are different then regular music and film soundtracks. In most cases game soundtrack must be able to repeat itself several times without getting boring and in the same time must be very atmospheric and have fine details to it. It's not easy since you want your soundtrack sounds original enough though most of the time you can't put complicated tunes in it. It will disturb player from a game too much. 

When i started make soundtracks for Circulation, i had absolutely no idea how to do it. But step by step i realized when the track sounds right and when it doesn't. It's a fine line. I did a lots of sketches, most of which were not that good honestly. As a musician i practice method which i suppose uses most of musicians more or less. I write some music and next day i accurately listen it 3-5 times. And if it catches me like it used to day before it means i created a nice one and i starting to really adding stuff, mixing and so on. And if it doesn't, i most likely never come back to it. 

Soundtracks in my previous post are just sketches but those sketches already sounds fine without any mixing and mastering so far. And what's even more important, doing this sketches finally lead me to main theme of the game which will appear in most of the game music every now and then with different attitude, rhythm and arrangements.

For example i already did the new sketch from this original soundtrack down here (which actually was the first one i made for this project)


to this new track with a same melody with a different approach in terms of arrangements: 

You can definetely tell these are pretty similar in melody perspective.

Next two tracks is the same theme with a little bit different mixing, arangements and EQing to them. 


In this particular track i wanted some epic sci-fi leads to go on with rhythmic bass line and washed-out atmospheric mid-pads. First version is more light, second is more tense with a bit more low frequences. For now i will leave them both but i think when i'll start to polish, mixing and mastering my tracks i will reject one of them. 

And last track is the good candidate to the main menu theme.

I can't say much about this because it's quite simple and not disturbing. I like the atmospheric feel about it and i will definetly continue to work on it.

So that is it for now! Feel free to subsribe to this blog and stay tuned for the next post in music updates!