Asset Update #4

Hello our fellow subscribers and visitors of this blog! Every 3 weeks we share with you what we have done for the game in terms of asset creation. So lets find out what is new for this asset update. We start with completed game assets.


First on the way is rack prop. It is designed with modular approach, so you can increase or decrease number of shelves as you need.

Screenshot from game scene

Screenshot from Blender

Screenshot from test scene in Unreal

Screenshot from Blender


Table prop in clean office style. 

Screenshot 01 in Blender

Screenshot 02 in Blender

Screenshot 03 in Blender

Wall Module

Another wall module, as expected. 

Screenshot in Unreal

Highpoly renders

OK, next will be some highpoly renders from Modo, some models still work-in-progress.

Chair highpoly render

Light unit highpoly render

Window highpoly render

Chemical Unit 02 highpoly render

That will wrap up this Asset Update. Stay tuned, subcribe to our blog and don't forget to check our next Asset Update #5 on December 16 and other posts. Take care!