Hello, this is first post here, in developer blog. My name is Peter Gubin, I'm indie developer from Novosibirsk, Russia. As first post I'd like to start from beginning of development story.

Development starts in september 2013. I worked in game studio as Unreal Engine programmer. At this point I had some experience with Unreal Engine programming and game development in general and I wanted to start my own project. Idea was to create not too complex sidescroller 2.5D platformer. Game idea was inspired by Shadow Complex and Sci-Fi genre. My brother Andrew Gubin also wanted to be involved. So I downloaded Sidescroller Starter Kit from UDN and started to test out some ideas. 


Then I started to digging community work on platformer games and chatting in unrealscript related forums. 

At some point I found FreeTimeCoder site and his Adventure Kit. So I started playing with it and learn the idea behind it.

I fully re-worked this kit (entire codebase was rewritten for 2D and also for old 2009 build of UDK), implemented 2D physics, camera system (inspired by Shadow Complex title), tested out some level design ideas. The result was pretty buggy prototype, but it does the job of giving the idea of the game. 

This phase of prototyping lasts until Christmas 2013. I was pretty satisfied with prototype and test levels, so I started preproduction stage. I wrote GDD, maked desicions about mechanics and other stuff. Andrew at that point wrote some cool Sci-Fi music.

In the next post I write about preproduction stage.