Circulation game is in production stage right now. This means that we are done prototyping and level design and we doing actual content for the game like assets, music, environments and all that stuff. 

We began production by roughly blocking out BSP with modular static meshes. We tested our levels in the BSP blocking stage so we can focuse on visuals entirely not bothering about gameplay aspects. At that point we don't need nice looking environments, we just want to get overall feel of scale. As our game is 2.5D plarformer we need to make fully 3D backgrounds, so we place modular meshes in depth too.

When we feel good about rooms and corridors we start adding details to meshes and environments. At the same time we can experiment with modular pieces in 3D package. For creating of 3D models we use Blender3D, nDo2 plugin and photoshop as our main tools.  We orginizing our modular pieces in packs, called Kits. Kit is collection of meshes that shared same theme. For example we have Kit of clean, painted panels and elements and Kit of generic metal, dirty elements. Modular pieces have uniform scale and designed that way so we can easily place them on the grid in our level. 

When our modular pieces is done we can make props and start placing it. Props is individual assets in the scene like chairs, tables, trashcans, bottles and so on. Props make scene look much better and reallistic. 

Then comes lighting pass. We start by adding some lights in, experimenting, tweaking values. Then me make test bakes, adjusting light settings more. At that point we don't bothering optimizing lightmap resolutions too much, because we will make that in the end.

When we feel happy with our lights setup we start adding some effects and posr processes. They can really increase atmosphere and mood of the environments. 

In the end of production stage we finish making music, interface, sounds end effects and start post-production stage.

That's basically our process of creating environments, stay tuned and watch our regular environment and asset updates and news.