Asset Update #5

Hi guys and Happy New Year!

We've been busy so this post was delayed but now I found some time to write this down. These 3 weeks I made mostly props.

Cargo Container

For cargo scene I modelled highpoly cargo container. Then, as always, I baked out it to lowpoly. I don't bake down AO in Xnormal. Instead I used nDo2 to make AO, cavity and diffuse maps combined in one diffuse map. I also made specular map and use custom diffuse layers with desaturation and some tweaking on it.

Highpoly container at the bottom, textured lowpoly above

Highpoly container with cloth at the bottom, textured lowpoly with cloth above

Here is in-engine shots:


One of the barrels props. Nothing special, just regular barrel :D

As usual, I made highpoly version, baked it out, then textured. 1400 tris.


Baked from highpoly, textured. 1700 tris.

Sci-fi Column

This column is pretty hard to make. I made it in a week. I enjoed the process and final quality. 

Shot was taken from 3d package. Highpoly on the left, baked lowpoly on the right.

Final in-engine mesh.

That's it for another Asset Update. Stay tuned!