Hydar City Post Mortem

Hydar City environment project started 21 August and ended 12 October of 2015. It took about 2 months to make. We used Unreal Engine 4, Modo and 3D-Coat throughout  this project.

Peter Gubin came up with idea, made blockout, assets, placed assets in the scene.

Andrew Gubin made music, lights and post-process effects.


The idea was to create cyberpunk city environment with atmosphere close to great 1982 movie Bladerunner. I gathered quite a lot references before started prototype phase.



Because I swithed from Blender to Modo not from beginning of this project, I made quick blockout in Blender.




This is walkable area of the scene:

Making Scene

Asset creation

This was longest period of making the scene. The process was 

Make highpoly and lowpoly at the same time in Modo, then unwrap lowpoly, bake normal, AO, curvature maps and export lowpoly and maps to 3D-Coat. When texturing is done export Albedo/Normal/Roughness/Metalness textures and obj in Unreal.

Asset creation chart

Stages of making this environment


We have many light and post-process iterations. Andrew tried over 5 setups through project. Finally we end up with yellowish color scheme. Here's some different light setups:

For billboards I used gifs, exported them frame by frame in engine and fill flipbooks with them. Here's the result:


Music was also Andrew responsibility and he did good job there.


Here you can see some props I did for this environment. It is exact quality as presented in scene.

Final Screenshots, Video

Thanks for reading! It was really interesting working on this environment, hope you like the result. See you next time, don't forget to follow us on twitter and subscribe to new articles!