Asset Update #6

There's been a long time since last Asset Update. We've been busy working on mini-games and puzzles. But this month we made some new assets, so here it goes.

Lab Door

Player will see those a lot and doors are crucial gameplay element, so I invested quite a lot of time into this asset.

I began building highpoly model, experimenting with forms and elements along the way. Not all of them made it to lowpoly version. 

Initially the idea was that those 3 elements in the center will spin when door open, but I decided to simplify this concept.

Here is lowpoly in-engine (already textured)



For this asset I reused parts from door and slightly modified them

Main Character

This was pretty tough asset because I never done any character modeling before. I started from base mesh, adjusting proportions and scale. Then I used sculpting to add details such as cloth, hair, eyes, etc. I really enjoyed it and pretty happy with the results. Of course, there is room for improvements, but it's ok. 

Here is screenshots from engine. Character is 10k tris and three 2K maps (diffuse, specular, normal). I will do some texturing and start rigging and animating it this week.

That's it! Fell free to comment what you think about created assets - your feedback is valuable to us. Also follow us on twitter @warpgamesteam