Environment Update #3

Hello, today I want to show you some progress on environments in Circulation. Last couple of weeks we've been busy making introduction level. Purpose of this level is to introduce basic mechanics and story plot to the player. Also we want to make this level stand out from our levels. It has linear horizontal layout and open space background at the same time unlike our main layout where you have nonlinear movement possibilities in closed indoor environment. 

Environment was influenced by places like canyons in Arizona. We gathered images from internet and begin experimenting until we find good camera angle and overall environment look.

Our very first iteration of the environment. Colors are too saturated and too much red, but we getting there. Also environment has too desertish look.

For this environment I created some natural assets like grass and rocks. Andrew created landscape in World Machine, made  BSP blockout and placed assets I created in level. Light and color was a /little tricky to set up, but eventually they became good enough.

Also I placed storytelling and gameplay elements on there as well as cutscenes. Andrew placed some sound effects and ambient sound.

This environment was really fun to make and we hope you enjoy it while playing Circulation when it come out. That's it for this Environment Update, see you soon. Don't forget to follow us on twitter!