Asset Update #7

Greetings, and welcome to Asset Update #7! 

Last weeks we (Andrew and Peter) were busy making Level 03. We are almost done (doing VFX and puzzles). Today we focus on assets, as you would expect, so I tell you about assets I made for Level 03 and Introduction Level (desert). 

Introduction Level

For introduction level, described in Environment Update #3 I created several assets, that was reused across all environment. 


At first, level started when Andrew created landscape with World Machine. Then I created highpoly rocks for heavy reuse in the level. The idea was to create rock with two sides, so we can use one side or another for platforms and caves. 

After I was happy with highpoly I retopologized it with Blender snap tools, unwrapped lowpoly version and baked it out. Then I combined and arranged baked maps in Photoshop and added final touch with rock textures. Result is shown below:


For grass I simply gathered image of grass from the web and created several quad planes with uv mapped grass diffuse texture. Here you can see grass in action:

Level 03

For Level 03 I created entire new modular set, called Fabric Kit. The theme of the level is some kind of fabric or assembly section of some sort. So for this set I went for more grungy and dirty look, then for first two levels. I made beams, girth rails and so on. Also for fabric, I needed to created animated mechanisms such as  pistons and drills. Details below.

Fabric Kit is based on 2 texture sheets, technique I used is learned from Tor Frick. This 2 texture sets in used in combinations in every assets in the kit. So for these assets I didn't created any highpoly versions. I simply started modelling and when I finished I uv mapped them.

Wall Elements

Window and door

Here's window in action:



Rails, beams, floor tile

Overall Screenshots

That's it! Thanks for reading this article. See you soon and don't forget to follow us on twitter!