Environment Update #4

Hi. It's been a while since last update. That's because we are very busy working on a game. But we have time now to show you the progress we made. Recently, I finished Level 2. Overall we have 3 levels out of 6 completed now + completed Introduction level. It means we completed more than half of the game. It's a huge milestone, although we still have much to do.

I made this screenshots when I started, this is very rough stuff. It is in progress order.

This level is second in order. We have more complex puzzles here as well as more complex level geometry. This means we have to carefully design environments. Rooms and hallways need to make sense and feel believable. 

As for art directional side of things I went for more industrial look here because it is factory sector. So no shiny and clean surfaces here. For this environments I have created Fabric Kit which uses overall 3 tillable textures for entire set. It save tremendous amount of time. I cover creation of assets in more detail in Asset Update #7. As always, almost all assets in Fabric Kit fits 64 Unreal Unit grid. This means we can build rooms very fast - I started Level 2 two weeks ago. I think this is pretty fast. Of course I used assets for other Modular Kits here and there, but most meshes are from Fabric Kit. 

Also I want to mention that sometimes I used assets entirely different from their purpose. For example, I used ceiling pieces as floor or wall pieces. You never know what kind of idea of applying assets may come to your mind when you creating them. But it's ok as long as it looks good. 

In the mean time I done first light pass. In this pass I placed very rough lights. Andrew later made another light pass. Below you can see pictures from first light pass.

Here are work-in-progress screenshots.

I enjoyed working on this Level and hope you liked this article. That's it for this Environment Update, see you soon. Don't forget to follow us on twitter!