Nazaralan Environment Overview

Hi, readers of this blog! Today we finished our new UE4 environment, called Nazaralan. This environment sat in desert and have mystic arabic atmosphere. You can read full process from blockout stage to final screenshots on polycount. Take a look at short clip about Nazaralan environment:

First, lets take a look at the beginning of this story.

Reference gathering and Blockout

I started searching for references on Pinterest and Google typing words like Persia, Arabic architecture and stuff like that. I wanted Prince of Persia or Alladin atmosphere. Pretty fast I gathered a lot of reference material which I partly show below:

After I collected a lot of reference material, I started blockout in Modo. At first I concepted environment as a palace, but then I realized (guys at polycount gave me some useful advaces) that scale of the scene is really big and I ripped of entire palace part and scene is transformed in some kind of city with mystirious sanctuary lost in desert sands.

Modo blockout


After I made this blockout I brought it as one object into Unreal and started working in engine. Then I broke down blockout in Modo to separate objects and started placing them separately in Unreal Editor with respect to blockout. Then it was a matter of detailing this assets, building highpoly object, baking and texturing them. I struggled most with floor pieces, but eventually I could make them look good. Here is some work-in-progress shot I made at that time:


When it comes to texturing I still really enjoy 3D-Coat as much as I enjoyed it working on Hydar City. It really beats Photoshop in field of texturing.

Lighting and Post-Processing

Lighting and texturing was done by Andrew. He turned my ugly and flat lighting into something interesting. We also decided to add some blue or green light in daytime to make scene look more interesting and mysterious. We also make night lighting setup, screenshots below.

Below you will see some lighting iterations and you can easily see how lighting (and effects) can make dramatic changes to look of the scene.


Andrew wrote a track for video. I think it fits to mood of the scene. Here it is:

Final Screenshots



Sketchfab Models

Below you can see sketchfab models, all models available here.


This was very fun project, hope you enjoyed it. Follow us on twitter, see you next time!