Asset Update #2

Hello there! Every 3 week we will post asset updates. So here it goes another in-engine footage.

First comes tileable elements from packs. We call them kits.

Tileable wall module from generic kit.

Wall Element

Wall Element

This is wall pipe module.

Another tileable wall module.

Next is tileable trim module. It can also be used as ceiling trim or whatnot.

This is corner module.


Next on the list is pipe element. It was reused from wall pipe module. 

Here you can see vent element. Not really tileable, but it fits on the grid perfectly.

Here you can see props. 

First prop is fire safety box. 

Last prop is chemical station unit.

That's it for our asset. Hope you enjoyed it and see you in next update after 3 weeks!

Here you can see some WIP screenshots with assets from this update.