Development Update #1

Hi! It's been a while since the last development update. Circulation was a great opportunity to learn a lot and also to understand that it's really important to plan carefully and keep the scale of the project manageable. 

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Anyway, after careful thought and a few prototypes we're up to something new now. The new project is about exploration and puzzle solving. It's fundamentally the same as Circulation but with some notable differences both in gameplay and story-wise. First off, game is played from first person perspective now. Platforming mechanics will play significant role in traversing the environments.


More on production topic: we're working using agile methodology meaning production split in sprints. Each sprint is roughly 3 weeks and is a functional game with new functionality and content. There are 3 of us working on this project: PeterDaria and Andrew.

Also we use perforce as our version control system, it works flawlessly with UE4 editor.

Right now we've finished custom dialogue editor with dialogue system, objectives system. Daria working on story, Andrew working on GUI functionality, plot and dialogues. More details soon. Here's screenshot just to show something:

Area for gameplay prototyping.

 Unfinished dialogue editor.

Unfinished dialogue editor.


That's all for now. Stay tuned and follow us on twitter!

Twitter: Warp Games, Peter, Andrew, Daria.