The Journey Begins

This is Artstation Challenge #1 entry.  The challenge theme is “The Journey”. The goal is to create an entry that shows the start of an epic journey — a grand undertaking, or a first step into the unknown.


Blockout, Modelling, Texturing, Setdressing, Materials, Lighting

Software Used

Unreal Engine, Modo, ZBrush, 3D-Coat, Photoshop


The theme of this challenge is "The Journey". To travel from one place to another over great distance or time. The entry should capture a stage of the journey whether it is the beginning, a trial along the way, or the conclusion. This is not an Oprah-style "journey" of personal reflection, but an epic undertaking that is dangerous, awe-inspiring, and not guaranteed to end well. The central purpose of the entry is to convince the viewer to care about the story. There should be a human scale to the drama, even if the scale of the journey makes them seem small.


For this scene I used several shading techniques such as object world position tinting and fresnel tinting falloff for mushrooms.

This effects was incapsulated in separate customizable material expressions and formed small material expressions library that can be used in other projects.